Course: The Fine Print

Learn the skills that journalism schools and MFA programs are afraid to teach. If you want to make a living as a creative professional, you need to start getting serious about running your career like a business.

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Introduction to the Writing Business

How To Make This Journey As a Writer Work For You

This is video 1 of my 12-video course The Fine Print that started as a series of lectures I’ve given to at least 100 journalists and writers who wanted to create sustainable revenue streams for ambitious, cutting-edge writing. I want you to find long-term sustainable growth for a career as a creative professional.


In rest of the course you’ll learn how to:


  • Understand the basics of publishing structures and pipelines;
  • Pitch to magazines and websites;
  • Establish a brand;
  • Sell stories over and over again to generate passive income;
  • Negotiate better contracts;
  • Create pitches that sell;
  • Find a literary agent;
  • Manage a book auction;
  • Take a creative project to the market;
  • Determine the value of your creative work.


If you want to create a thriving lifestyle from your writing or creative ideas then this course is for you. This isn’t a get-rich-quick sort of thing. It’s a work hard, do great things, and then capitalize on their inherent value kind of thing.


Because you’re worth it and know you have what it takes. 


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Learn the skills that journalism schools and MFA programs are afraid to teach.


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