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Learn the skills that journalism schools and MFA programs are afraid to teach. If you want to make a living as a creative professional, you need to start getting serious about running your career like a business.

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"Scott Carney's The Fine Print video series is a comprehensive guide to turning the hand-to-mouth routine of freelance journalism into a financially feasible, or even, dare I say it, lucrative line of work. As a career staff journalist who's just striking out as a freelancer, the course represented a paradigm shift, forcing me out of scarcity mentality and allowing me to approach work in a strategic, business-savvy way. Personal and engaging, Scott is a seasoned journalist who stuck the landing in the transition to author. He's clearly thought lots about how to get the greatest financial bang out of every story and how best to avoid the pitfalls littering every freelance writer's treacherous path. As a veteran journalist but novice freelancer, I feel much better prepared to make the most of this new chapter in my life thanks to Scott!"

Jenny Barchfield
Lisbon-based freelancer and former AP Paris and Rio de Janeiro Correspondent

"I love all of your advice on writing and pitching. It’s great no-nonsense, straightforward info on how to get published that you don’t learn in all the MFAs in world. I took your course The Fine Print and applied what you taught about pitching and I got my first pitch accepted with Playboy Digital (my dream publication). It’ll be web only but I’m pretty ecstatic about it — and it’s due in no small part to you and your course. Thanks for the help, man!"

Tony Tran
Writer & Editor

"If it wasn't for Scott Carney's advice it's very possible I wouldn't be a journalist at all today. A lot of people in this industry are primarily concerned with the craft of writing. But this is a business, and it's important that writers approach it as such (especially if they're not independently wealthy). Media companies treat this as a business, so there's no reason we shouldn't either. Scott's business advice helped me feel more comfortable to communicate with editors and company representatives not just as a writer seeking an opportunity but as a worker offering something of value that deserves proper compensation. And his creative advice helped me hone my pitching skills to land more assignments."

Maya Dukmasova
Staff Writer, Chicago Reader

About the Course

It's one thing to be a good writer, and quite another to be a successful one.

Are you a writer, freelancer, journalist, or creative entrepreneur trying to make a living? Sometimes it can feel like the odds are stacked against you.


I feel your frustration, because I’ve been there.


Going from writing in local papers to becoming a New York Times Best Selling author wasn’t easy. I spent years in the trenches, sometimes barely scraping by, earning pennies on the dollar compared to what I knew I was worth. I had stacks of unpaid invoices on my desk and contracts that made me cringe every time I looked at them.


One day I found myself in a distant land on a thousand dollar assignment facing down a nervous child soldier who was fingering the trigger of a loaded gun. I asked myself if it was worth it.


On one hand I do this work because I want to make a difference in the world and create awareness around things that matter. On the other, I realized that publishing industry would never pay me fairly until I stood up for my own value.  


And that’s why you write, right? What you have to say matters, and you want to be paid fairly. 


I don’t want you to go through the same hardships I endured in order to arrive where I am today. So for a limited time I’m offering the knowledge I’ve distilled from 15 years in the industry.


This is your inside scoop on how to take control of the game.


If you're ready...


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